Pillow Talk

You and I,
side by side,
or is it just me, imagining
having you there at my right?
You, came into my dreams,
speaking a language of poetry
that I couldn’t quite figure  
exactly what it means.
Though leaving traces
of binary codes,
in the morning for me to solve.
Zero one zero one zero zero one one,
I dare not to,
touch whatever you left behind,
for this is the only way,
to converse with you and your mind. 

“Stay.” you wrote.
Did I get it right? 
Or was it just what I want you to write?


Goodnight my sweetheart. 
The bird says to the toad. 
The moon came looking,
for the cloud of dreams,
who rains on houses,
while those who are asleep. 
Monet was it,
Or Van Gough who whispered,
lost in words,
instead they painted their ode,
to the ones who wander,
within a different interstellar. 


The only sensation I can feel of the now.
I open my hand. Resting upon
the air that’s breathing around.
Lingering of the breeze
running through my fingers, whispering to me,

“Come, join in with the light.
Let’s dance together.”

Trying to love.

Trying to love
Every part of my broken pieces
How they stitch together
To become the me I am born right here
The little thing
That I can’t let go of
Are really the very gems
Of my fingerprints
Tell me,
How to love,
Love with all my heart and soul,
With all these imperfections,
I carry around,
Just so I can speak
From the bottom of my heart. 


A little bird sings:
I see through my eyes,
the way you suffered in life,
but only will you know,
the fear you have inside,
will all be gone, once
death come by your side.

Listen closely,
and surrender to my voice,
for this song I sing,
I sing only for you.
One day I hope,
you'll open your wings,
to join the wind, and vivaciously fly. 


I shine for you all day long,
yet you don’t see me,
until darkness comes along.

When the sun comes up,
all things are bright and beautiful.
For you see flowers sunbathing,
and water crashing to the shores.
Yet you don’t see me,
even though I am still there singing my song.

Soon night comes,
everything turns sightless.
And I am still shinning for you,
to guide you with my brightness.

When the night ends,
you will forget me again,
until darkness come next time,
then maybe you’ll think of me, my friend.
No matter what I’ll still shine for you,
for as long as it is,
because I am what I am.


I don’t know what else I could say,
to the things that are on display.
When you put a smile on your face,
who would know you’re crying inside to save grace.
Leaves still fall, and snow still come in Winter,
yet I see you building a reservoir,
that if one day, I push you over,
you’d be flooded in your own river.
Au revoir you said, “au revoir!
there’s too much to take, and too little to taste.
Better if I disappear, then everything will be great.”
I watch you, turning to vapours,
dancing, to the music of Lola.
I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror,
was that me, or was that a soul stealer?

The Shooting Star

the sparkles in your eyes
and the glow on your face
I’ll never forget
the feelings inside
so delicate
and so intricate
the moment that shines
like a luminating star
that shoots in the sky
and fades away
few seconds
and it’ll all vanish
all those years buried in darkness
to get prepared for a flash of joyfulness
the explosion of glory
full of different stories
once it’s over
you wait again
for the next time to flourish
and shine once more
at the deep black sky


Once in a while,
I think about how you smile,
From 30,000 miles, I linger onto,
the memories we filed.
Love came, but quickly gone,
leaving sorrow between us, all season long.

Sometimes I wonder,
if you ever felt the same,
or was it just me,
dreaming of your name.
To the moon I sing, the only song we have,
is this what’s left, and all there is to bring?